This RESOURCES page is aimed at ensuring that our readers take on roof repairs and cleaning in a safe manner. It is usually best to hire professionals to do serious jobs when it comes to your roof, but we know some of you want to try it yourself and cannot afford a roofing contractor. Here you will find links to YouTube video tutorials to help you take on your roof projects safely. You will also find links to articles that offer great tips.

Roof Cleaning

Removing Algae From Asphalt Roof/ Non Pressure Roof Cleaning/ Clean Pro Exteriors

How to Remove Moss & Mold from your Roof Shingles with Wet & Forget Roof Shingle Demo Video

How to Pressure Wash Your Roof

DIY – Roof Cleaning

Roof Repair

DIY roof repair

REPAIR ROOF SHINGLES – Replace Missing Asphalt Roofing Shingles Step by Step Guide

How to Fix a Leaky Roof

Gutter Cleaning

How to Clean Rain Gutters and Downspouts

How To Clean Your Gutters

DIY: How to Clean Your Gutters Safely – Gutterman Services, Inc

Roof Safety

How to Properly Use a Roof Safety Harness

35 Roofing Safety Tips

Signs to Look Out For

Repair or Replace? How to Determine What Your Roof Needs

Repair or Replace? How to Determine What Your Roof Needs

Do you need a new roof? 10 ways to tell

Warning Signs You Need Roof Repair

Preparations to Protect Your Roof Against Storms

10 ways to prepare your home for hurricane season

How to protect your roof from snow and storm damage