David Martin Architect is a roofing blog that is managed by Elise Khan. David Martin is an architect that specialises in roofing and related designs, repairs, installations, and more. This blog was started 7 years ago and offers many helpful articles and resources to help you understand your roof, its potential problems, and how to take care of it. After all, your roof is an extremely important component of your home. Without it, you would be completely exposed to the elements

On this blog, you will find advice, interesting facts, beautiful designs, tips, and tricks and all of it to do with roofing. If you are looking for inspiration, advice, or new ways to maintain your roof and keep it clean, this is the right place to be. Elise runs a great team of writers that include roofing contractors, ex-roofing company owners, researchers, and more.

Roofing and maintaining your roof should be taken very seriously and you should always use caution when doing any work on or around your roof. There are many dangers involved with walking on a roof and you should take great care if you decide to take on any such projects yourself.

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